How to clean your hearing aids properly ?

To clean a BTE hearing aid and earmold, follow these steps: 

  1. Examine the device for debris and remove it with a soft brush or a dry cloth.
  2. Remove the earmold from the hook to clean it. Some earmolds, especially those made from soft materials, can become discolored and stain over time. Wiping them clean daily and soaking them in warm, soapy water once each week will help. Allow the molds to dry completely overnight before use, and do not use alcohol or other chemicals on them. Your earmolds may develop a slight odor over time, but a strong odor could indicate you have an ear infection, so consult your hearing healthcare professional if you notice it.
  3. Use a bulb blower to force water out of the tubing and then allow it to dry completely overnight.

The hearing aid multi-tool has a wire loop, magnet and brush all in one. This is an important tool for hearing aid cleaning.

Additional considerations

For all types of hearing aids, do the following at night:

  • Remove the batteries and keep the battery compartment open to dry overnight. If they're rechargeable, dock them according to the manufacturer's specifications. 
  • Brush the battery compartment with the cleaning brush.

It may be worthwhile to use a hearing aid dehumidifier, especially if you live in a humid climate, spend considerable time outdoors or perspire heavily. There are two types of hearing aid dehumidifiers. One type is a simple plastic jar with a desiccant that draws out moisture overnight. The other type is called a dry & store unit that uses ultraviolet light and air to dry and sanitize hearing aids. Both accessories are probably available through your hearing healthcare professional or online. See other accessories you may want to invest in.